Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Nothing strange like when what happen recently to some of the buildings and skyscrapers in the world wide. When it forms as the shapes of alphabet letters in English. Immediately, it gives and notify our mind to meditate and start thinking.
In contemplation of this building, you will find that there is a close relationship between the forms of buildings and the forms of alphabet letters.

As is known by the shape of the Eiffel Tower in Paris as a character of A, as well as the H like, the Twins Tower in Malaysia, Burj Al Arab in Dubai ,Like letter (D), Faisaliah Tower in Saudi Arabia like letter (i) and there are also others two designs they did not start building yet, but they construct a character of Letter L & W.
However, until I write this article, I do not have yet and idea or discovered what the secret of these designs and the relationship between them. Does it happen as
coincidence or the architects were purposed of doing this idea?
also is this kind of art was creating by someone of architect and the other follow him !! who knows??

Really interesting to see the buildings mimic the nature of our civilization, our language and even that our culture as the first aim.

Fahad Allwihan - 2009

Monday, 31 August 2009

The different between The East and West are two letters

Aspire sculpture - Nottingham - United Kingdom

In the Mid of 2008, the university of Nottingham Inaugurated new sculpture at the Jubilee campusthey.
They call it Aspire. This sculpture is the highest sculpture in U.K., approximatelly 60 meters above the ground, the thing which made this sculpture special is the engineers made it from metel coulmns. Then, they paint it with red colour.
In my opinion, The architect took the design from a popcorn cone or A bouquet of flowers.


as you see the picture number 2 the Aspire tower is higher than the Statue of Liberty in New-York

some fact of Aspire(*):
1,250 ...metres of steel tube used
400 ...metres of weld
620 ...square metres of paint
52 ...height of steel mast in metres
8 ...height of concrete column in metres
13 ...number of stacked double decker buses which could fit alongside Aspire
854 ...weight of Aspire in tonnes
122 ...number of bull elephants equal in weight to Aspire
4.82 ...diameter in metres at widest point
2.19 ...diameter in metres at narrowest point

(*) this info was taken from


I am really apologize that is the picture number 3 is not related to Nottingham Aspire
But, it is Qatar Aspire tower !!
In addition, I am so disappointed when I saw some arabian countries bought some ready plans and designs from other west countries.
without careing of any mistakes or thinking that will be effect on our culture or local environments
The question is: what is the reason of doing this method ??
Are we have poor quality of ARCHITECT ??
Or do the arab thing that " the foreign experience is stronger than our "


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Nottingham Jubilee Library

This library is located on the Nottingham University campus - jubilee branch - in the city of Nottingham - UK. This library was designed on a small island in the middle of artificial lake on the center of the campus. the name of this library is Mr. and Miss Tkflo who built this library and give it as gift to the University .

This library was designed by the architect / Michael Hopkins in 2004. The designer has taken the idea of creating the library from the top of cone shape. Also, he located the elevator in the heart of the library, the aspect of the library used wrapped stairs around the perimeter of the building from four sides and it pass in every level of the library until it reaches to the end of this stairs which is the (fourth floor), but the stairs doesn't have thresholds.
The main reason for choosing this library because the issue is that the civil engineer for this building they did not take into their account the weight of books which are filling the shelves of books yet?? But finally the solve it smartly by add more supporter elements underneath the island's which is carrying the library .. That was Fatal Error!!